Old wiring, looking for security...


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Old wiring, looking for security...

Can I do this myself, or should I call in a Pro?

Here's the bit ::: House built in 1920, old copper, and where I'm looking to replace a dining room ceiling light, the wiring is covered with a VERY brittle black (rubber?) material, which is in turn covered by a crumbling brown braided material. Now the copper is covered, and so far the insulation has just cracked and crumbled off of the ends where I twisted off the old wires from the old lamp.

The new fixture is a pendant, hangs around 24" down from the ceiling, and has four wire sets. Takes 4 100W bulbs-- we'll be using fluorescents.

Can I safely wire all 4 blacks to the old wire with the fine red cord knitted into the insulation, and all of the new whites into the old wire that's obviously neutral?

Or would the degraded insulation warrant making a phonecall and paying someone to check it over?

Any help appreciated!
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If your wiring is that old and that brittle, then you need to have the wiring in the entire house checked.
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When it falls apart, time to fix it.

Undesturbed, thats OK, once you touch it, a problem waiting to happen.
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Definately have your wiring checked out. If you're not comfortable doing it yourself, hire an electrician. But it may not be as bad as you think..

If the existing fixture was flush mounted, then it's understandable why old knob and tube, which is what you have, has the insulation cracking. This type of insulation is not 90C rated, unlike Romex. So the rest of the wiring may be ok, definately have it looked at, but this run would need to be repaired/replaced.

Also check other flush mount fixtures, and change them out to something else (semi-flush, pendant, etc). There are safety issues with knob and tube and flush mounted lighting.

My home is/was partially knob and tube. I had the same experience you did on every flush mounted light. After an inspection of the other wiring, I found no cracking or other problems; but the heat generated by the flush mount light basically destroyed the insulation. I replaced the damaged runs of knob and tube by running new Romex circuits.

Good luck.
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Thanks to all!

I will definitely have all the ceiling lights run through an inspection.

Appreciate the good help.

Best regards,
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you would want to check the rest of the wiring, at least all that is accessible. Even if the insulation is intact on the ceiling fixtures, still change them out to semi flush if they are flush mounted.

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