New GFI will not reset-Always Tripped


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New GFI will not reset-Always Tripped

A newly installed GFI outlet that runs in an underground conduit from it's own 20 amp circuit breaker, is always tripped even though nothing is plugged into the circuit anywhere. I thought it was a faulty GFI so I bought a new one and installed it. Still didn't work. When I hold in the reset button, the GFI makes a noise and engages for a split second and trips. I have a non GFI outlet installed beyond (underground in conduit) the problem GFI which, of course, doesn't work because the GFI is always tripped.

I am considering coverting the problem GFI to a junction box and installing a GFI on the next outlet in the circuit.

I should call back the electrician who installed it but he was so disagreeable.

Any other ideas?
Thank you.
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Is the incoming power hooked to the line side? The second outlet is on the load side isn't it? Try disconnecting the wire to the second outlet at the GFCI. Described all wires coming into and leaving the first box. Is it cable or individual wires?
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Further clarification

It's individual wires in the box, not a cable. There are two white wires, two black wires and one green wire. Two whites are attached to one side of the GFI and two blacks are attached to the other side of it. Green is attached to the GFI and the box.

Now I have to figure out which blacks and whites are coming from the circuit breaker and which a going on to the next outlet. Then I will disconnect the ones going to the next outlet.
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Well, first make sure that you have your LINE/LOAD right , then disconnect the load entirely , if all is correct it will not trip anymore, and the problem lies after your gfci.
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GFI Now working!

Ok. I got the GFI working. The power black and white wires were connected to the Line rather than the load. So that is great!

I then connected the outgoing black and white to the line, and my next outlet doesn't work, but the GFI is still working.

So I just need to track down the problem between the GFi and the next outlet.

I never noticed the line/load on the back of the GFI.

Thanks so much!
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The power wires get connected to the LINE terminals. The outgoing wires get connected to the LOAD terminals. Make sure that the hot wire (which should be the black wire) gets connected to the brass terminal and that the neutral wire (should be the white one) gets connected to the silver terminal.

Please read the directions that came with the GFCI or any good book on home wiring which will tell you this. If you don;t have a good book on home wiring then buy one and read it before attempting any further electrical work.

Electricity can and does kill people.
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Yes, I got load and line mixed up. I will pull out my electrical book and get to reading.

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