Adding Outlets


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Adding Outlets

OK I've added 4 outlets to an exisiting circuit. Went from the last outlet on that existing circuit (2 wires on the outlet) and connected the black wire to the copper screw and white wire to silver screw (as was the existing outlet). Now I'm using metal boxes and wire in flexible metal conduit. I connected the ground on each new outlet to the ground screw on the outlet and did not connect the ground wire to the ground screw on the new boxes. Once I go back and reset the breaker (15amp) it trips. Is this because I did not use the ground screw in the added boxes? I did recheck my wiring and there does not seem to be a mix up in the black/white wiring connections.
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You need two pigtails on the ground wire in each box. Connect one ground pigtail to the box and the other ground pigtail to the receptacle. The fact that you did not ground the boxes did not cause the breaker to trip. You have a hot wire touching a ground or a bare neutral. Recheck your work.
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OK I pigtailed the ground wires to the box and outlet as directed. While this required me to rework each box I figured I find the hot wire that touching a ground or neutral. No luck so I left each outlet extended out of the box and tried the breaker, success it held. Then cut the breaker and attached each outlet to its box tried the breaker again, it tripped. So went one by one to each outlet, found the problem outlet redid it again and the breaker held! So I'm assuming something was touching but I never actually found it. Thanks for the advice.
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The breaker held??

What did it hold my friend?
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Sounds like you might have a short in one of the cables you installed. If this is the case, leave the 4 new receptacles connected, but go to the first new one you installed. Disconnect the hot wires and cap them off, then energize the circuit. If it holds, the first length of cable is okay. Re-connect the device and move on to the next, again lifting the hots and capping them off. Continue the process until the breaker trips again....that will tell you which length of cable has the short.

Sorry, missed your last post. Glad you found the problem!
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Good ground, Thats encouraging.

Pinched wires on a metal box,Aside from the pinched wire,sounds like you did it right.
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@Burkej62: Franklin's kite.

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