GFIs and 2 wires


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GFIs and 2 wires

I am getting conflicting stories on gfis. I have an older house some of the electrical has been updated and some is the original. In my daughters room I want to hook up her computer. The recepticles are two wire no ground. Some people say I can hook up a gfi and some say it will do nothing because there is no ground. And some say just run a surge protector. I just want to hook up the computer and make sure my girls safe. Will a GFI hooked up with 2 wires make it safe to use the computer
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Installing GFCI protection will do nothing to provide a ground. All that it will do is allow you to install a three prong receptacle (either the GFCI itself or downstream from it, if properly wired).

Using a surge protector will not provide a ground either. And unless you spend a lot of money (more than the computer probably cost you), your GFCI won't work without a ground.

The only way to get a ground is to properly ground the receptacle.

While there are others that will disagree with me, I recommend that you take the steps to properly ground the receptacle. Devices like computers and other electronics use the ground for reference. With older computers, communication between the computer and some peripherals (such as a printer) sometimes did not work without a proper ground.

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