recessed lighting


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recessed lighting

Hi for recessed light If you have a recessed fixture in the wall that has a eyeball/adjustable trim in it does that mean that only eyeball trim will fit in it or could one install some other kind of trim in it. Thanks
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Careful with recessed housings...just a precautionary statement. just about all recessed housings are proprietary, meaning that the manufacturer will void the warranty if you use another manufacturer's trims. (i.e. a juno trim with a halo can or visa vis) However within the confines of the manufactures trim selections you are free to select any trim provided that the size is the same. Thus you cannot use a 4" trim in a 6" housing. (I know its common sense...but you know what they say about "common" ain't all that common
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If the manufacturer hasn't discontinued the housing, I'm positive there will be other housings besides the eyeball type that you step: legwork. Find a model number/manufacturer and run with it.
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You said "in the wall". Did you really mean that, or are you talking about in the ceiling?

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