Pocket door actuated light in pantry


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Pocket door actuated light in pantry

I'll be putting a pocket door to a pantry, and I'm planning to put two low voltage halogen recessed lights in the ceiling. I'd really like to install a plunger switch or other type of micro switch that will activate the lights when the door is open. Since I'll be using LV Halogens, I can route 12V wires to connector, but I don't know what the code has to say about doing this. I'd prefer a microswitch solution that would turn the lights on once the door is about a third of the way open. I'm proficient with tools and electrical, just don't know the right code-compliant way to go.

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the best way to switch low voltage lights is before the transformer...otherwise you run the risk of burning it up. Here's what and how i would do it... They make jamb switches and boxes... it requires some morticing of the door jamb and supporting stud but its the way to go i think, What you wold do is mortice your jamb and all and then drill a hole for your 120v cable (14/2/wg nm-b, if code compliant in your locale) run the hot wire (from the panel or previous device) to the first recesed can junction box then run the wire from your jamb switch up to the same (1st) recessed can. and finally run the daisy chain to the second recessed light. The junction is a bit tricky but common enough. You will be running a "switch loop" which means you go to the light first and then the switch just with the hot (the neutral remains in the box) If you have questions feel free to repost

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