GFCI replacement


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Talking GFCI replacement

I'm replacing a GFCI receptacle. The box has 1, 3 wire cable entering it. What or where do you connect the red wire.
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If the old one was working properly, then just connect the new one exactly like the old one. Can you give us more information?
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Where was it in the old recepticale? Replacing or changing to?
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GFCI replacement

Here are the details. A few of the receptacles in the house aren't working, so I figured there was a popped receptacle somewhere. And yes I found a GFCI in the garage that I could not push either the test or reset button on. When I stuck the tester in, no reading, meaning hot and open. I could be wrong but I just assumed it needed to be replaced. When I took the cover off, pulled out the receptacle, I discovered that the cable coming in (and in metal conduit) had the three wires red, black & white. The black & red are both connected to the hot and the white to the white (all 3 quickwired). I had never seen a red wire connected to a receptacle before, so I just want to make sure that this is not the reason for why it isn't working. Should the red be connected to the receptacle directly, wether quick wired or to the terminal screw?
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When a GFCI does not reset it is because it is either wired wrong or getting no power. It is certainly unusual for both the red and black wires to be connected to the GFCI when there is only one white wire, but so be it.

Use a voltmeter or a two wire tester and determine which wires have power, if any. If you have no power then replacing the GFCI won't magically make power appear. Check the rest of the devices on the circuit and check at the panel to see how everything else is wired. Report back here with your results.
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That outlet is probably multiwired. You should likely replace it with a non GFI recepticle and break the tab.

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