Running Grounds


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Running Grounds

Hi All,

I've been reading up on permits, and getting a little weary.. My house's original wiring is a mess.. I don't know what electricians were thinking in 1945.. but hooking my kitchen lights, one outlet in the living room, three ourlets in the basement, and the bathroom lights on one 15 amp circuit doesn't make too much sense. Any way, besides all of that, I bough
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To be continued I guess....
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In 1945 what you are describing was quite common. My house, built in 1949, had six original 120 volt circuits.
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I can beat that Bob.

Mine had 4.
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I've got you both beat. My first house was built in 1953 and had a 60 amp service containing the pull-out block for the range and a second pull-out block for everything else. Everything else consisted of four (4) screw-in plug fuses and two of them were for the electric water heater leaving two, count 'em, TWO circuits for the entire house.
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I got you all beat. All I had was the extension cord plugged into the neighbors outside recep to power whatever I could in the house.

He always wondered how I knew he had a tripped breaker before he did.

I think leaving a note on his door telling him to reset his breaker when he got home from work kind of tipped him off there was something funny going on.

It pays to have slow neighbors.


just kidding, of course.

It is hard to imagine having to deal with some of the older services considereing all the electrical appliances we use today. I have so may little lights from the VCR and my computers' USB hub and things like that, (don't need night lights around here!) I think I would have taxed furds system with all that junk by itself.

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