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Unhappy Eletrical Outlets

My Mom Had 5 Outlets That Was Not Working And I Changed Them And They Still Do Not Work Please Help
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Your mother had receptacles that do not work. outlet is the wrong term.

You have one (or more) of the following:

1) A tripped GFCI breaker or receptacle. IF there is a GFCI breaker or receptacle protecting this circuit, see if it is tripped.

2) An open connection at a junction box on this circuit. Check every location on the circuit (working or not working) looking for a loose connection. As you check, move any back stabbed connections to the screw terminals and replace any wire nutted connections. Verify power coming into and leaving each location you check.

3) An open connection inside a wall. This is unlikely unless you have been doing construction or hanging pictures or something similar.
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In situations like this, it is always useful to think back to the last time they did work, and when they stopped working.

Diagnosis is often aided by a knowledge of exactly where the receptacles (which room of the house) are located. Can you tell us that? It also sometimes helps to know what year the house was constructed?

Another possibility is simply that the wall switch that controls the receptacles is turned off.
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On a different note:
I've seen a lot of people Capitalizing Every Word. Is this something they are doing, or the forums changing it? It drives me nuts!
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Turn The Power Off-at The Breaker!

Racraft gave you the right direction,I just wanted to add the breaker detail.
Turn it off before working on any ckt.

After every couple of receptacles or so, turn the power on and check.

You can never be to safe.

HOTinOKC. Hope your surviving this crazy winter ok. (not too bad here)

The caps at top were for you.
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Gosh, the weather can't make up it's mind. 20's some days, 50's the next.

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