PVC, how many lines are allowed?


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PVC, how many lines are allowed?

By code, how many #12-2w/ground can be run thru 3/4 PVC. Is 3 OK?

Is there a website with a chart or table on PVC sizes with what size wires and how many lines can be run thru them. (My local Electrical supply business had a small book on this)

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What you are looking for is annex C of the NEC.

You can put 12 number 12 awg in a 3/4 sch 80 pvc.

the nfpa web site has a code book that you can use just to view, but not download, online.
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But the poster wrote: "how many #12-2w/ground" I read that to mean NM cables not single conductors. In addition to the "not best practice" issue wouldn't that affect fill?

Edit: Note to title refers to "lines" not "wires".
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I apologize ray, you are right.

To use pre fab cables in conduit you need to measure the longest demention of the cable width, and then calculate it as if it were round. then use the circular mill area to be sure that you do not fill the cable beyoned 40 percent.

there is no fast chart for this. a pro would not do it this way. change over to THHN/THWN and pull the single strands though the conduit portion.

All of the charts needed are in the apendices of the code.
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In general, it's a bad idea to put cable in conduit. But you can if you want, and the answer to your question is "one" (which is part of the reason it's a bad idea).

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