GFI on a GFI circuit spa wiring?


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GFI on a GFI circuit spa wiring?

I seem to remember once upon a time I ran across a GFI receptacle that was on the load side of another GFI and there were issues.
I am running electrical on an older spa that has a built in GFI. Will I have problems using a GFI disconnect with this spa. Iím also going to investigate if I can bypass the built in GFI and only use the new wall disconnect GFI as the built in GFI is 10+ years.
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While placing a GFCI receptacle on a GFCI protected circuit is not the best way to go, there are no issues doing so related to operation. If a ground fault occurs, one or both of the GFCIs will trip, which is the problem.

When a trip occurs, it may not be always clear where the problem is if the upstream GFCI has tripped and the downstream GFCI has not. Further, unless it is known that there is an upstream GFCI, someone may not realize that a ground fault has occurred and go looking for some other problem.
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I had this same issue (itís not an issue now as I had to replace the spa pack for other reasons). Depending on your system, 120/240V, you would need the circuit/receptacle to be GFCI protected, and dedicated.

If you lose power to your spa controller, just make sure to check both the circuit/receptacle GFCI and also the spa pack GFCI. Spa packs were designed for years with local GFCI protection, but are not anymore as it does not provide any increased safety compared to just having the circuit/receptacle GFCI protected. I believe it was done in the past (20+ years ago) due to no NEC requirements associated with circuit GFCI protection for spas.

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