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I'm a neat freak. In my audio-video construction work, we use Ty-raps for a neat job. I recently saw breaker panel wiring using cable-ties. It looked great...but...are cable-ties allowed by Code? Where and how can they be applied legally in electrical construction ?
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Yes, cable ties are allowed by code. But there's a down-side. Cables tied together are subject to more heat build-up than cables that run loosely next to each other. If you tie too many cables together for too long, it can turn a legal installation into an illegal one. The rules are pretty complicated, and I don't know exactly what you're thinking of, so I won't write a book here.

One cable tie here or there isn't a problem, but don't go crazy with them.

Note that cable heat build-up usually isn't a problem in audio/visual cables like it is for power cables.
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Cable ties in a panel make it look neet but they also make it a very pain in the *** to work on later. When you need to remove or make adjustments to a cable you only have cut them all off anyway.
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310.15 (B) (2) does not give an exception for the inside of panels.

I have had inspectors make me remove the ty-wraps rather than de-rate the conductors.

Edit to add:: I sometimes work in large panels. I am not sure if you can even have more than 24 inchs of conductor lenght in most residential panels.

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