Safely remove outlet/light


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Safely remove outlet/light

I want to replace an upper and lower cabinet with a pantry in my kitchen. The wall that I want to build this pantry on has an outlet and a light. I want to remove the outlet and the light and light switch. What is the proper way to do this? Do I have to remove the wire from inside the wall? Do I trace back the wire to the previous fixture and remove it or how? Thanks for the assistance.
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You do not have to remove the wire from the wall, but if you open the wall you should.

Understand that this may not be as simple as it sounds. If the receptacle and light are end of the run then it is easier. However, if they are in the middle of the run then it is harder.

Code does not allow live wires to terminate inside a wall. All terminations must be inside junction boxes, and those junction boxes must remain permanently accessible. That means they can be hidden behind furniture, but they cannot be inside drywall.

You have two choices.

Trace the wire to the junction box before this one. If the wire dead ends and does not go further, then you can safely cut the wire at the previous junction box and push it out of the box. It can then remain in the wall, as it is dead.

However, if power goes through the box you want to remove then you will have to run a new wire from the preceeding box to the following box and then you can cut and remove the middle box.

The same for the light.

The other option would involve cutting a hole or holes in the back of the pantry unit so that you could always access the junction box covers that you install over the junction boxes, leaving them in place.
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Thanks for the advice

I managed to disconnect all the wires at the outlet/switch that proceeded them. Thanks for the assistance.

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