3 way switch question


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3 way switch question

The answer to this may be simple and I may be over thinking it. I have a single gang three way switch installed (1 14-3 cable and 1 14-2 cable entering the box).

I want to put another switch in a new 2 gang box and move this 3 way switch to that box. The new switch will be powering a separate set of lights irregardless if the 3 way switch is on. I want to use the power from the three way switch to power the switch for my new lights. How can I tell that I have the 'line' conductor attached to the three way switch in the box to power my new switch or if I have the 'load' conductor of the three way switch which is sending power to the light being controlled by the three way switch. Is it as easy as testing the black and white with a multimeter on the 14-2 entering the 3 way while I flip the 3 way switch back and forth? Do I have to flip the other 3 way switch back and forth also while testing for power on this 14-2 conductor?
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this is pretty straght foward with 3 ways but there are quite few combations it will work :

this one way ;

line to first three way switch but note the colour of screws dark one or marked " common " that first hot line go that dark screw then from there you use the 14-3 wires use the red and black for travaller use the two bright brass screw then run to the new location of the switch then get the black and red hook on bright brass screw then go back to 14-2 wire use the dark screw or common screw hook the 14-2 black then go to the lumiaire [ lightfixure ] please note for this set up wire nutted all the white along the way this is one way for other set up

but if you want to add other 3 way switch you have to make sure you have power source at the switch otherwise it will not really work well or run the loop from the oringal 3 way switch for loop you will change the wire connection a little a twister along the way if you get my pun

for loop connection on 3way's it get tricky here if you have oringal 3 way then follow this you use the same as above but change the white as travaller but keep the black as common but make sure you remark the white wire with diffirent colour like bleu or black or whatever you have there

if more question please do post it back here

Merci , Marc

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