power for ceiling projector!


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Thumbs up power for ceiling projector!

I was asked by my uncle to install a new ceiling projector for our local senior citizens bldg. I installed the new ceiling projector! I also supplied the unit with 120vac(ext. cord). The ceiling is a drop ceiling with 2' of space to (original ceiling)
Do I have to place an outlet above or below the dropped ceiling? This will be getting inspected in 2 weeks ! The projector has a 4' cord on it! I also have 12-2 mc cable above the projector location. this circuit is a home run back to the main panel! plenty of spares in 200a square d panel!~
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You have to do nothing. You should do nothing. This is a commercial/public building and only a licensed electrician should do this work. In my opinion you would be foolish to do this.

Your liability in the event of a problem, especially in a senior citizen center, is mind boggling.
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Agreed. Inspected or not, here in Missouri we know all too well what can happen in a senior citizen home with people mucking around on the electricity. Hire an electrician, you have no choice.
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An extension cord running above a drop ceiling will never pass inspection (if the inspector notices it). Placing a receptacle up there would never pass inspection either.
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You may run MC cable from a properly installed, metal junction box to the projector, but you may not run the projector's power cord up into the drop ceiling. The MC cable must be properly supported and terminated.

The pros have already weighed in on whether you should do anymore in this situation, and it's probably wise to listen to them. You have done the most labor intensive part of the work - running the MC cable for the new circuit, and installing the projector. Let a pro take it from this point. Hopefully, he won't have to redo anything to make it code compliant.

Best wishes.
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i will step in here as well ;;

this is a commercal area and the codes are very strict with this and the inspector will say few words with you.

Mole ; really if you are not a electrician then you have no bussiness to do this because the code is very strict with this.

I been working alot of commercal area :

most area the code say can use MC cable in supended ceiling but a catch here is the space above ceiling is peduim or not .

if not mc will be ok by code no NM cable generally allow in most commercal building .

if this ceiling have peduim [sp] like return air or supply air then the code get more stricter with this must used the peduim rated wires.

for safety sake for every one please let the real electrician do this job safely

again Mole , there is alot of code related to this area and majorty of the people dont understand the code unless they read this one ,

the code itself is pretty long winded and confused if not read it right.


Merci , Marc
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Exclamation update on projector project!!!

I talked with my uncle about the project. he agreed to have a liscenced electrician come in for all electrical work required! The work will require inspection from our local code officer! I was just trying to Help! I guess sometimes you need to simply say no if your not qualified! Thanks everyone! I was in to deep from saying yes all the time!!

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