Start/Stop wiring


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Start/Stop wiring

I have to wire a Start/stop for a garage door. Can anyone give me a heads up on how the wiring is landed in this application.
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I assume you are talking about a garage door opener, and not just a garage door.

Many of the older GDOs used a simple doorbell switch to trigger them. Most of the new ones use some sort of printed circuit board in the wall switch.

I'm not sure whether you're talking about a wall switch, a remote switch, a keypad switch, or the safety electric eye.

It would also help a lot to know the make and model of the GDO, and whether or not you happened to be in possession of the installation instruction manual.
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This is indeed a commercial garage door and I'm adding a push button station
red stop green start NO and NC contacts
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you need three buttons, open, close, and stop.

Check out this page

your stop button would open 1A and 2 not shown on these drawings.

here is a better example:: and I was mistaken stop opens 1 and 1A....
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I dont believe i need the stop because I think they are momentary contacts
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well i hate to crash in here but most commercal GDO do wired in few diffrent way and alot of them have special dip switch setting so it will function few diffrent way.

normally in default setting [ factory setting ]

open - monteary open
close -montary open
stop - consant loop

this is the standard set up for 3 pushbutton station please refer to the wiring digram for proper hook up if you only use the open / close switch then it will change two ways let me expain each one

1] one setting of dip switch will cause the open button to work in normal manner but when you press close button you have to hold it until the door is close

2] diffrent dip switch setting { only if have safety eye or pressure switch on the door } open will work normal manner the close you just push like real quick and the control panel will latch as the safety device say " all clear " then the door will close in normal manner but if safety switch or pressure switch on door sense something wrong it will stop and reverse it quick back to opening setting

so please heed the safety warning with commercal garage door openers

there is few ways to do this set up

if need more question please do post it back here

Merci , Marc

By the way a real quick head up if you have 2 or more pushbutton stations the wireing will get more tricker you must use the 3 pushbutton device and all the stop button have to be wired in series for safety reason

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Red. They are momentary buttons, but you do not need to hold the button in. As frenchie said, there is a holding loop.

I just realized that the drawing that I linked does not show the limit switches or safety devices. If you have any of these, they get wired in series with the stop button, or in place of it.

If the opener you have is using a drive instead of a starter, then you will need to find the proper termination points for the drive. These are often mfg specific.

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