grounding antenna


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grounding antenna

I wrote a few weeks ago about grounding my tv antenna and satellite dish which are on the opposite sides of my electric service and grounding rod. I found out now that my antenna needs to be directly grounded to the ground rod. That being said it looks like I will have to drive a new 8 ft ground rod down and run the satellite antenna and roof antenna directly to it. I know though that it still has to be bonded to the original ground rod for the electric service. What I want to do is drive a new ground rod in, run I believe it would be 6awg wire from there into the house running about 30 ft to the electric service and connecting it to the ground bar in my service panel. My other option would be to run the wire under ground around the house and clamp it to the other ground rod at the service. I thought though that my first way seemed the right way I would just like feedback and to know if that is correct and code. Thanks
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Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

If we just put the connector with the ground lug in line with the coaxial cable,and bond it,with insulated conductor. Does this not meet the requirement? Or do we need to run #6 all over our homes?


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