Electric start in snowblower trips breaker


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Electric start in snowblower trips breaker

I have an old 30+ year old snowblower with an electric starter. I was trying to get the snowblower running using the electric start, turning it over many times. I tripped the 15amp breaker, went and reset it, and tried again, tripped right away. The only things on this circuit that were on was a light bulb and a florescent fixture. So I tried a 20 amp circuit and heavier extension cord and it tripped right away again, just as the teeth engaged.

The snowblower is working fine and can be started using the pull cord. So I'm assuming something must be wrong within the electric starter. Any Ideas?

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Yup, Sounds as though the snow blower has a problem.

I can't help ya with that. Perhaps another forum can.

I can suggest that you stop at 20Amps, If you go more you could start a fire or damage the machine more. But then again... with good insurance..two new items. Just kidding! Stop and get the machine fixed, your electrical is fine.
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Thanks for the reply, didn't figure it was the garage wiring since it did it on two different circuits. I'm just trying to figure out what would go wrong with the electric starter to cause this problem to happen all of a sudden.

Thought it might be more of an electrical problem then small engine problem. Moderator feel free to move this if you think it would be better answered elsewhere.
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this is very typical with small engine with 120 volt starter the brushes will get worn out or get full of carbon inside and short everything out

either can rebuilt the starter or get new one depending on what engine make you have i think you should have no trouble because kinda common engine is Tecschum or Briggs and Strattion both are common on snow blower useage but there are few other engine manufacter as well but not too wide spread but just take the starter off the engine take it to the starter/ alterntor shop or small engine dealership or repair centre.

i am sure they will have something on stock if that is common one

Merci , Marc
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Thanks Marc- I'll look at it. I was trying to figure out why it would of happened all of a sudden like that.
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Why it happened "suddenly" is not surprising. Electrical equipment can be like the camel's back. It seems fine till the final straw is added.

Each time a motor is used there is possibility of thermal damage to the insulation and even physical damage from expansion and contraction of the wires. Eventually the insulation fails enough to start a short which damages even more insulation. The camel's back is broken by that final straw. Time to get the gun and shoot it. <G>

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