Homeowner question outlets/light switches


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Homeowner question outlets/light switches

I am in the process of replacing all the electrical outlets and light switches in a house that was built in 1984. I am no electrician and would not attempt anything more complicated than this task.

Question: I am noticing that the ground wires in the junction boxes are spliced together but not connected to the devices I am replacing (switches and outlets). Is this correct or should they be connected to the ground screw on the device as well?
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Yes, they should be connected to the devices (switches-rec).
If these are metal boxes, the grounds should be connected to them aswell.

From the group of grounds, creat a "pigtail" (one lead) to connect to the device and box. If the boxes are of some composite ( fiber/non metalic etc.) they don't need to be grounded.

Just pay very close attention to what wires go where on each, That way you don't look foolish comming back and asking questions you should have known.

And mark each ckt so you know what each breaker controls.

(You'll thank me later)
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Like Lee says, mark the circuits. I go one step further, by marking the breaker number on the back of the outlet or switch plate. If I need to do work on that circuit, I have a good indicator as to where it is located. But always test, just to make sure someone hasn't played musical cover plates.
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If you have metal boxes, and the ground wird connect to the metal box (they should), you can probably use what is called self grounding devices. They usually have one screwn in a special clip that provides positive connection from the device to the box.

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