1200 - 8 Ohm audio Transformer


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What is the transformer being used in? Link to schematic would help me a lot.

I suspect the 1200 is "ohms"--the impedance of the primary winding. 1200 ohm (Z) primary; 8 ohm (Z) secondary to the speaker voice coil.

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1200-8 Ohm Transformer

This is for a Black Market Dazer Item # T1, The skematic is available on line I don't have the Web address written down but I'm sure any search engine will find it typing in "black market dazer" This is the parts list they show, thanks you for your response.I have search on line for this Item without success, I believe I need more information to search successfully for it.

R1 = 3K3, 5%
R2 = 1M, 5%
C1 = 0.1F, monolithic capacitor
C2-C9 = 0.01F 400 volt polyester capacitors
D1-D8 = 1N4007, 1KVolt diodes
NE1 = Type NE-2 neon bulb
Q1 = MJE521 NPN power transistor
Q2 = MJE371 PNP power transistor
T1 = 1200 to 8 ohm audio power transformer
S1 = SPST momentary-contact, pushbutton switch
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Radio Shack has a 1000 ohm / 8 ohm audio transformer. That is only a one percent difference and should work. The basic question is why would you want to make a home made stun gun? Did you read all the cautions and warnings listed in the article?
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1200 -8 Ohm Transformer

As to why I would want to build the dazer, My daughter is divorsed and living in a Condo in California, The garage is shared with other residents who often leave the doors open, she was scared out of her wits when she was approched by a stanger in the garage when she exited her car at a late hour, she did not know what to do except run to her door, she is small and has no one to protect her she lives alone, she doesn't believe in lethal force, "No Guns" I suggested a dazer, she said it would be better than a gun but she has not had the money to buy one or knowedge of where to buy one for that matter, I have some electronics training and I told her I would make one for her. Thanks for your help.
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The transformer is being used to step-up the voltage.. When I was younger, I made a shock book by using a 9v battery, a weighted floppy switch and an audio xfmr.. The book had tin foil on the outside connected to the high impedence windings.. When you opened the book, the switch would wiggle, making and breaking contact with a wire, and a good shock resulted.. We had a bit of fun with it..

A 1200-8 ohm xfmr will supply higher voltage that a 1000-8 ohm.. But either will supply a good amount of voltage.. You could probably find something in an old TV or radio to use..
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When I was a kid I always just used any old audio transformer and they shocked just fine. I wired a small DC motor with brushes in series to give pulsating DC to the transformer. It certainly though wouldn't have done more then surprise someone. Why not use a commercial unit?
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And when I was a young lad, we would charge up electrolytic capacitors and leave them laying around. Lit up a few people's lives.

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