Replacing Duplex Outlets which ones?


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Replacing Duplex Outlets which ones?

I have some home outlets (120v duplex) that no longer hold the plug in place of various home electronics. I went to the hardware store and found replacement outlets varying from .50 cents to $4 dollars. What should I look for in a replacement outlet? Are the more expensive outlets generally better? They appear to look the same?
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The spec grade or commercial rated are worth the extra money. They will not wear out so soon like the ones you have, and they will have the abiltity to backwire the connections ( screw clamps ) . You should avoid the push-in type of wire connection.
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Avoid the bulk (49 cent) receptacles. As 594tough indicated, the commercial grade or spec grade are the best, and probably the most expensive. There are flavors in between that vary in quality.

Whatever you do, as 594tough also indicated, do not buy receptacles that have only back stab connections. Always buy receptacles that have screw terminals or back wire capabilities.

One final note. If your house is old and your circuits are not grounded, then only replace the receptacles with two prong receptacles.

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