COAX cable with 12o v romex ?


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Smile COAX cable with 120v romex ?

Can I run COAX and phone line jack in a 3 gang box with a 120v recepticle ?

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No, not unless you get a box with a separator panel between the sides.
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They sell 2-gang covers with low voltage on one side and a receptacle cover on the other.
But to answer your question directly, no. As Racraft said, you cannot have them in the same box without separation.
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It's possible.

If you want the devices all in the same box you will have to buy a multi gang box that takes a three gang plaster or tile ring. The ring will have slots in it to hold a divider plate in place. The divider plate will be between the power receptacle outlet and the two communications outlets. Such boxes and covers will be available at an electrical supply store. I doubt that you'll find them at a box store.
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they cant share a conduit getting to the box ,
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Who said anything about conduit?
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Even if you get the divided box, and thus make it legal, it still may not be a good idea if you care much about EM interference.
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Just my humble opinion, but I think you will probably be happier in the end if you keep your COAX and phone line at least 12" away from your 120V. Any closer and you may start to have noise problems on the low voltage lines.

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