lamps selling with exposed contacts? Help appreciated.


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lamps selling with exposed contacts? Help appreciated.

I have searched the internet for an answer and can't find anything. I have a lamp, similar to this one ( ) that uses a 12V 20W bulb. The two arms holding the head up are exposed metal and carry the power. They are similar to the old 'rabbit ear' antennas for televisions. There are no wires in sight or down the center. By my calculations, this means that there are 1.67 Amps exposed to the touch, which can't be safe. Please help me figure out what is going on...

Thanks, Robert Jason
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It's okay. It's pretty hard to get killed by 12 volts. Amps don't really matter except for the amps flowing through your body, and 12 volts isn't likely to push very many through.

Furthermore, the actual conductors might be inside those two rods (even though you don't see them) and you're prehaps not actually touching the conductors when you touch those rods.
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Just use a meter across the two if you really want to know.
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Halogen Desk Lamp
- plastic cabinet
- JC 12V 20W
- ON/OFF switch
- built-in transformer
- 230V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz

Notice 12V .... Built in transformer....
Like John said, its OK.

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