Tapping 220v for 110v outlet


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Tapping 220v for 110v outlet

My outside AC disconnect is feed using 6/3+G on a 50 amp breaker. There is no 110v outlet on that side of the house and I would like to add one for occasional use. Can I just mount an adjacent waterproof box (using 2" of conduit) with a 110/gf receptical and tap off one of the hot wires and the white using some 14g? I am hoping that I do not have to replace the disconnect box with a breaker box that has both a breaker for the AC and a 15amp breaker for the outlet.
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No, you cannot do this. It is not allowed to power a general purpose receptacle protected with a 60 amp breaker. This would be a fire and life safety hazard.
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Everybody seems to want to do this, or something like it. They want to tap a new receptacle from their dryer, air conditioner, range, etc. It's very tempting, but always a bad idea.

The reason it is so tempting is because most DIYers don't realize that it's usually not all that hard to run a new circuit from the panel. The typical DIYer doesn't know enough about the structure of their house to envision how you would get a new cable through it. But it's usually not as hard as you might think.

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