multi-receptacles on 220 circuit


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multi-receptacles on 220 circuit

I have a 220v circuit in my workshop for my large table saw. I want to run a second receptacle from the first to run my bandsaw. If the total draw of the two is within the amp rating of the circuit can I run both at the same time?
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You may extend the circuit as you asked. The question is why would you need to operate both machines at the same time?
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dual-saw talent

I have started to do production work in my shop and my wife likes to help so she would be using the other saw. So my logic would work if I stay within the amperage?
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Generally, you need to install the correctly sized circuit for the tool. It is unlikely that if you do so, you will be able to run two tools at the same time. I.e., you are not allowed to install a 30-amp circuit for two 15-amp tools if each tool calls for a 15-amp circuit.

In almost all cases in which you would be running two tools at the same time, you should install two circuits. Installing two circuits in the same shop is only slightly more expensive and slightly more work than installing one. Just do it.

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