Track lighting w/ dimmer switch OUT!!


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Question Track lighting w/ dimmer switch OUT!!

The track lighting in my homes hallway has gone out. My wife said that she turned it on and it worked. When she came back through the hallway, it was off. She tried switching it on and off, came on again then went out for good.

I don't see how all the lights would have blown, is this a wiring problem with the switch? Do I need to replace it?

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Well, the switch is the place to start. Use a two wire tester or an analog meter and measure the voltage at the switch.

Measure between the hot wire providing power to the switch and a neutral (if there is one in the box) or a ground wire. You should measure 120 volts or see the light on the tester lit.

Then measure between the switched side of the switch and the same neutral or ground. You should see 120 volts with the switch on and 0 volts with the switch off.

If you don't get those readings, replace the switch. Try a simple on/off toggle switch first before you purchase a new dimmer and/or to avoid damaging a new dimmer.
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Ground wire question

Thanks for the reply. I was removing the plate for the dimmer switch and it sort of popped off. What I believe to be the ground wire (green) is attached to the switch plate and then the unattached end wire has a loop twisted into it. Was that screwed into the wall WITH the plate probably? I didn't get a good look at it because it popped off while unscrewing it. I don't really feel comfortable playing around with electricity so I don't want to do something I shouldn't when I replace it.

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