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Panel Question

I just realized on my new panel there is a knockout on the back of it, in the left top corner. The knocout is open but the panel is flat against the wall. Is the acceptable? theres abo****ley no way for anything to get in or out .
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None of the knockouts should have been previously knocked out, if it was new. I think fire code says all holes must be covered or filled, but that can vary by locality.
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Well it's definatley covered , i'd go as far to say its near airtight haha. I don't think i oculd even get a knockout plug into it ?
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Is what it's covered with combustible or noncombustible?
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If it's up against cinderblock or concrete, I'd say no problem; but plywood or drywall could be a problem.
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Up gainst solid concrete, which is why i cant get a block off plug in there.

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