Cost of replacing knob & tube?


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Cost of replacing knob & tube?

I have an older home ( circa 1920s) where the electrical has been mostly updated, except to the light fixtures on the 2nd floor. These are accessible through the attic. I have asked at least one electrician to give me an estimate, but he would not be pinned down, even with a minimum or maximum. I'm assuming that new wiring would be run from the circuit box in the basement up the outer walls to the attic, possibly adding new circuits in one or two bedrooms. The junction boxes in the attic are in place where newer wiring feeds the upstairs outlets. It looks like the K&T is only to the lights, and coming up from the basement to power the lights/outlets. I can understand that there might be unknowns that make it hard to say what the cost might be. My problem is that I'm selling the house and the buyer has requested that this be fixed. However, it's most likely that he will prefer to have it done, so I was going to give them something at closing to pay for it. Any way to determine what would be involved?
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Has the electrician seen your house? If not, I can understand why he wouldn't give an estimate. This is one of those things you have to see to know. I can't see it either. It could be anywhere from hundreds to thousands.

Offer the buyer $500 to drop the demand. Negotiate up to $1000 if you can afford it and want to be done with it. Otherwise, get an electrician on site.
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This will probably come down to negotiation, as John mentioned. Either you or the other party, if they feel more comfortable with it, could get 2 or 3 estimates to use as a solid starting point.

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