220v 30amp circuit to 110v 20 amp


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220v 30amp circuit to 110v 20 amp

I have an old 220v circuit wired with 10/2 w/ground, I would like to convert this to a 110v 20amp circuit. I intend to replace the 30amp breaker with a 20 amp single pole breaker. I would normally use 12/2 w/ground for a 20amp 110 circuit, are there any problems with using 10/2 w/ground for this circuit?

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It's never a problem to have a heavier gauge wire.
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A more correct statement would be, "It's ALMOST never a problem to have a heavier gauge wire." Larger wire will carry the current, but is harder to work with, increases box fill, takes up more space inside conduit, and may not attach to certain devices.

In your case you can use the 10-2 with ground cable for your 120 volt circuit. You may find that the 10 gage wire will not attach to the screw terminals on the receptacle. If this is the case, use pigtails at the receptacle for the wires.

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