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Wink Service tip

Hello all, just joined the group and enjoy reading what the pro's have to say. I have a tip for the DIY homeowner. I recently installed a dimmer sw in the D/R with the switch and slide type combo, anyway, I have many breakers, and the panel is outside! So, in my recent quest to find what braker this was, when I finished the job, I wrote the breaker # on the inside of the wall plate before reinstalling. Just thought I'd share that. Good day, all!
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definately a good tip. I have worked quite a few jobs where this was a requirement written into the job specs.

Just don't take off multiple plates and forget where they came from.
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Now that you have figured out what breaker controls this light, do the same for EVERY light, receptacle and appliance in your house. You should have done this when you moved in. When you are finished make two charts. One where you list each breaker and what it controls; and one where you list each location in your house and what breaker it controls.

Not only is this information invaluable when you have problems (especially if you have an open hot wire), but it could save your life.
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How about

writing it on the recepticle / switch in a spot that is covered by the wall plate ?
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On alot of commercial and industrial jobs we use a labele maker and put the panel and circuit number on the outside of each cover plate.

I think this should be an industry standard. I know that there will be alot of complaints at first, but after people get used to seeing the numbers on the plate they will accept the idea.

Maybe someone will make millioins creating spiffy fonts for the lables so that each home owners numbers look cool.
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Yes, each one is labeled at the panel, but SO many. And hand written with not the best hand writing. Plus, being an outside panel, it's great to look at the inside of the wall plate, get the number, and go switch it off. All done in seconds, rather than 10 minutes.

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