Adding Transfer Switch & Balancing Panel Load


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Adding Transfer Switch & Balancing Panel Load

My current electrical panel is a Cutler Hammer 200 amp panel. The circuit breaker in the transfer switch that connects to the panel board is a 2 pole 60 amp amp breaker (60 amps x 2 poles x 120 = 14,400 watts). I'm wondering if I need to move some of the remaining CB's in the panel board around to keep the load balanced as far as the left side load compared to right side load, or if the object of load balancing is only concerning load on bus "A" and bus "B" being equal?

If I add up all the CB's on the "A" bus I come up with 490. All the "B" bus add up to 490. I got this by starting with the left side CB's and going A-B-A-B all the way down from top to bottom, then on the right side going B-A-B-A all the way down from top to bottom. All the CB's on the left add up to 480. All the CB's on the right add up to 500.

If I remove the CB's that will be placed in the transfer switch I come up with 410 on "A" and 390 on "B". The left CB's add up to 400, and the right CB's add up to 400. These values do not include the 60 amp 2 pole transfer switch breaker.

If load balancing is only concerned with the total on bus "A" and bus "B" then all I really need to do is install the transfer switch breaker somewhere on the left or right since the load is as close to balance as I'm going to get with the smallest CB being 20 amps.

If load balancing also involves the total on the left side and the right side, then I am going to have to move some existing CB's from the left side to the right side if I place the transfer breaker on the left side.

Do I just install the transfer breaker to balance bus "A" and bus "B", or do I need to move some of the existing CB's to balance the left and right side also?
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What is on each physical side (left and right) is not important. Matching between load sides (A and B) IS important.

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