Moving existing outlet to new circuit


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Moving existing outlet to new circuit

My refridgerator is on a 20A circuit with some other lights in the house. When the compressor kicks in, the lights dim for a moment. I plan on moving this outlet to another circuit. What should I do with the wires on the existing circuit. The existing circuit is in the middle of the run so I guess I would install a larger box, pigtail the existing wires together from the existing circuit and connect the new wires for the new circuit to the outlet? Thanks.

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Yes, that would probably be the best way to do it. Be sure to connect all grounding wires (the bare ones) together in the box (from both circuits), but do not connect the neutrals (white wires) from the two circuits together.

Note that the dimming lights, while somewhat annoying, are usually not a hazard. You could just do nothing if you want.

Terminology note (in case you care): when you connect to wires to each other, you are not pigtailing. You are just connecting. A "pigtail" is a short segment of wire used to connect multiple other wires to a device (like a receptacle). There will be no pigtail in this project.
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No pigtails except the ground wires. <G>
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If it were me, I'd just install the new receptical on the new circuit in a new box.

Then remove the existing receptical, wire nutting the appropriate wires as John said, and put a blank cover over the old box. If its a metal box, be sure the ground wires are appropriately connected to the box so it is grounded.

This way, in any future servicing of either box, you are only dealing with one circuit and less clutter.

Since they are behind the fridge anyway, no one will notice the extra box. Write a not on the the inside of the blank cover for the old box as to what circuit its on and why it is there.
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Simpler yet, just leave the existing receptacle exactly as it is now. Add a new receptacle on a new circuit next to it.

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