Running Cable


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Running Cable

I posted this q in a/v section as well. I have wall mounted a plasma tv and have installed an outlet behind the tv, with a monster power surge protector. I now plan to run the cable and component, s-video, etc down through the wall into the basement and back up into the same room, further down the wall where the storage cabinet will be for the receiver, dvd. My quiestion is this, is it ok to run these cable back up through the heating duct, as the register sits right behind the storage cabinet. This would save me from having to try and run the cables back up the wall and creating additional outlets. Is this against any type of code? Are there any possible problems doing it this way? Thanks in advance.
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I wouldn't run the 120v cable through the heating duct. (not sure if it's against code - I'm sure someone else will chime in). The low voltage cable could go through the duct, but I wouldn't recommend it. The heat will likely degrade the cable over time. It probably isn't much harder to run it up through the wall - why not run it that way?
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the area in which i want to run the wire up contains a bay window making it a little difficult to get at the wall from the basement. according to a response in the av forum this is indeed against code. So i will either try and run them up the wall or try and install an infrared system and leave the dvd, receiver, etc in the basement below. thanks!
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You want to be very careful what you run through ducts, because if it catches fire, it will spread quickly. And if it emits toxic gas when it burns, it'll be double deadly. Make sure any cable you run inside ducts is plenum rated, and that you seal around the openings with fire-resistent caulk.

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