breaker is now overloaded


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Unhappy breaker is now overloaded

I just had an electrician in this week, he installed an 11ft halogen fixture overhead in my office, plus put in wiring for 5 undercounter puck lights, for my office/computer area (to be connected and built) plus a plug for under my desk area(also not yet live).
This wiring was run from an existing wall plug that was switched.
So today I plug in my vacuum and blow the breaker and discover that this one breaker controls, my entrance hall, my hallway and my bathroom, as well as my office. So too much stuff! and some of it isn't even connected yet.
My question what should he do about it? Can something be done at the breaker panel to split things out? It is next to impossible to fish new wiring.
This is extremely frustrating so I need to know what can be done. No he did not check the breaker before proceeding, but neither did I, I made an assumption that it only controlled 1 room and that the "pro" would check things out first.
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An "electrician" would know better than to pull all that off a switched receptacle. He should be questioned on this. The job should be done right, even if it is more difficult to pull new wiring. Is he a licensed electrician or the local handyman?
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Breaker overload

Actually it is an electrician that I was referred to through this site. Through the referral service. Now what the qualifications of the employee were I don't know?
So yes, shouldn't have done it that way. So how can it be fixed. Do they have to rip everything out and redo everything?
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This is the kind of thing you would expect a "pro" to get correct. Unfortunately, whoever did the work did not.

Although it may indeed be "next to impossible" to fish new wiring, it is not impossible. In fact, to an experienced electrician, there's always a solution, and it's usually easier than you would believe.

I don't know if you have any recourse with the first person who did this job. But now I'm afraid you'll need somebody else--somebody much better.
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he should have calculated the new load as well as checking the load as it was on the breaker.

It sounds as if he either could not or did not research the additioanl load to discover if the circuit intended to be used was capable of carrying the load.

It aslo sounds as if he may have taken your word for what was on the breaker. Sometimes that is neccessary with the way things are listed in a panel. Researching circuits takes time and as we all know; time is money.

without actually seeing the install, it is very difficult to determine what it would take to remedy the situation.

as I kid folks, there ain't anything that your money can't fix. ALthough it may be difficult to run wiring to the new devices, nothing is impossible as long as you have the money to pay for it.

While that may sound callous or greedy, you must realize that sometimes doing things right is not cheap. Some people tend to let you know they don;t want to spend any money but the want the Taj Mahal when you're done. It just doesnlt work that way.

I would call the guy back and let him know the problem. It may be his mistake; it could be something you told him that he depended on to make his decision. Although it may be a great error on his part, I would give him the chance to give you an explanation. If he simply gives you the " how should I have known" excuse, I would look for a new electrician and argue paying this guy.
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Haven't paid yet

I did up the cheque this afternoon but forgot to mail it. So its sitting here until the problem is corrected.I am in a condo with concrete floors, converted old warehouse. The wiring to this room seems to come in under the floor, so probably between the floor and the ceiling below me.
So I think the only solution is add another breaker and somehow get it to this room.
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Have a respectful discussion with the electrician. See if you can work out a solution.

I'm no lawyer, but if the work that was done met the specification of the work, you may not be able to legally withhold payment. Don't damage your credit rating.

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