I need help with wiring a fan and light


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I need help with wiring a fan and light

I have a fan light combo in out computer room, and it has a remote that operates the light and fan. It is hooked up to full time hot wire. What I want to do is hard wire it with a combo switch that operates the light and fan. The only problem is our house is wired with two wire, (it was built in the 60's). I do know that this switch has to be wired with three wire. I'm not brain dead when it comes to wiring. I've done basic wiring, I'm just not sure how to do this. If anyone has any imput on this please get back to me thanks.
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Use 14-3 (or 12-3 if a 20 amp circuit) cable. Run the hot wire to the switches on the white wire, which you will mark at both ends with permanent black marker. Pigtail this to the switches. Use the red and black wires in the cable to bring switched power back to the light and fan. Connect these to the hot wires for the lgiht and fan in place of the present hot power wire.
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They do sell wall units that can control the fan and its light with only two wires. They come in two parts, one part that goes on the wall and one part that mounts up at the ceiling in the bell housing of the fan. This would not require any new cabling. They typically cost about $50 and are sold at home centers.

Or you could just glue your hand-held remote to the wall and get the same thing.
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Wiring for ceiling fan/light

Hi Wiley 5150. Welcome to the club. I recently bought a home built in
the 40's and installed a ceiling fan/light. I have the same electrical
wiring as you, one hot wire, one common, and the ground was the
electrical box, in the ceiling and the wall switch. I am assuming you
are trying to install a wall switch that allows you to control the fan
at increasing/decreasing speeds and also the light brightness. Here's
the story. Shut off your electrical power to the fan/light and your
wall switch. Now remove the covering to the fan/light that is next
to the ceiling. If you can see your connections, I suspect what you
have going to your fan/light are two wires, one hot and one common.
you may have a ground but I suspect this goes to the fan/light
hanger bracket and this is grounded to the ceiling electrical box.
Now check to see how many wires you have coming from the fan/light.
If you have three wires, a hot, a common, and a ground, you may
be struck with what you have. If you have four wires, a hot, a common,
a neutral (to the motor), and a ground, you have three options.

1. You will need to run another wire from you fan/light over to your
wall switch for the motor control. Depending on how your house
is built, this may not be possible but if you decide you want this,
I would call in a licensed electrican.
2. Install a "remote control" (this operates similar to your TV remote
control) in the fan/light. These cost about $150.00. This will allow
the fan motor to have variable speed and the light to vary it's
brightness. All you will need for the wall switch is a standard SPST
3. The last option is to find a wall switch that that will turn on your
fan/light but this one controls only the light brightness and your
fan motor speed is still controled by the pull-chain on your fan/light.
These are not that easy to find because most people want to
vary both motor speed and light off the same wall switch.

Just to let you know, my "significant other" decided that she could
use the pull-chains for the fan and light for whatever she wanted so
I installed a standard wall light switch and returned the variable controller
to the store. If you can, find out who the manufacturer is for your
ceiling fan/light and go to their web site. This is not an advertisement
but mine is made by Hampton Bay and their web site is www.hamptonbay.com. Good luck.


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