GFI on garage disposal?


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GFI on garage disposal?

I live in Washington state and my new home does not have GFI's on the garbage disposal, nor the dishwasher or the washer.

I noticed in a number of threads that people have told people to use GFI's on garbage disposals. This is my second brand new home within 4 years and neither did this and passed inspection.

I asked the builder's electrician who I've also hired to do some side work on my home why they did not put one in and I was told that it is not required as the outlet that services the garbage disposal is in a remote location (under the sink) and that putting one in can result in nuisance tripping.

Is this correct? What about the on/off switch that is next to the sink?
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GFCI on garbage disposals, dishwashers, and washing machines are not common, not required, and not recommended, but they are not prohibited either. What your electrician told you is exactly correct.

Switches are not a common shock hazard.
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most place the dishwasher , garbage dispoal useally dont need the GFCI protection but very rare they will enfore the code but right now,,

it not needed at all

for clothes washer it useally dont need GFCI unless you are less than 6 feet away from the sink or laundry tub [ depending on area where the codes trumps ]

but unfinshed basement you need the GFCI protection

i will add this one as well some frezzer will need GFCI protection and some dont [ this get little tricky here ]

merci , Marc
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What the others said, not required in most areas. And GFI and motors do not get along well. They often trip from spikes produced by motors.

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