Old house looking to replace all receptacles & switches


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Old house looking to replace all receptacles & switches

My wife and I just bought our first home and are looking to replace all of our existing light switches, dimmers, GFCI's, and receptacles. The house was built in 1955 so there is only two wires with no ground. From what I can tell there is metal armored cable to the box in all outlets. Hopefully I will be able to run a ground cable to the box. What I'm looking for is input as to what brand receptacles and wallplates to go with.. affordable with nice flush look.

I have checked out online and the following sounds good but not sure if anyone has actually gone with this setup.

Use all Aspire wallplates
Leviton Decora switches
Lutron Maestro dimmer switches
Leviton Decora Duplex Receptacles
Leviton Decora GFCI

Comments: I like the Aspire screwless wallplates as they are medium sized to hide any flaws around the outlets along with their mounting setup. I don't like the look of there switches and receptacles which is why I chose the Leviton switches and receptacles.
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Do you have a question?
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Originally Posted by Wirepuller38 View Post
Do you have a question?

Yes I would like to know which wallplates and switches others recommend.
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> there is only two wires with no ground....Hopefully I will be able to run a
> ground cable to the box.

When dealing with ungrounded wiring, you have a few options:

1) Leave it alone and replace existing 2-prong receptacles with new 2-prong receptacles. Install new, grounded circuits to specific appliances which require a ground like microwaves, refrigerators, PCs, and laundry.

2) Run a ground wire to every receptacle or re-wire the house with new cable then install 3-prong receptacles. If you're doing a major remodel this is a fine option, but is a big, difficult, expensive job otherwise. Moreover, most of what you plug in doesn't require a ground anyway. Take a survey of the appliances in your house; most of them only have 2-prong cords.

3) Install a GFCI receptacle with downstream protection as the first receptacle of each ungrounded circuit. Replace existing 2-prong receptacles with 3-prong and affix a sticker to the faceplate of each which states "NO EQUIPMENT GROUND". Install new, grounded circuits to specific locations as described above.

The most economical and practical is option #3; the GFCI protection provides a level of safety comparable to a grounded circuit, and the 3-prong receptacles afford you the convenience of using appliances with 3-prong cords.

> ...receptacles

I don't really have a preference as to brand; the only recommendation I make is to not use the el-cheapo $0.49 receptacles, but it sounds like you're already not going to do that. Leviton, Lutron, Cooper, and PS&L all make quality receptacles.

One thing to look for when mixing brands of devices and wallplates is color match. Usually the whites match just fine, but the almonds and ivories sometimes don't match between manufacturers. Also, some faceplates have a very shiny "gloss" type finish while others have a textured "matte" type finish. You'll probably want to match those also.

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