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Question Tv Vs. Ballast

Just wondering if anyone knows how I can get rid of interference to my TV set which is being caused by a fluorescent light ballast in the same room. The light is not on the same circuit but it still causes the TV to have snowy dots in patterns. What is weird is that when my wife unplugged a small kitchen appliance from a totally separate wall socket the interference went away for awhile. The light ballast is grounded but I don't believe the TV socket is. Any thoughts? Other than to have my wife constantly unplugging the appliance when I watch TV.... I don't think she would last too long.

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Sometimes the snow can be introduced by low-quality COAX cable or splitters feeding your TV set, VCR, etc. Replacement of cheap cable with better shielded cable and splitters can sometimes resolve the problem.

If not, the only solution is to replace the ballast with a model that emits less electromagnetic interference (EMI) or to move the TV to a different location. The phenomenon you saw with the kitchen appliance was probably caused by the appliance acting like an antenna picking up and amplifying the interference.

There are two types of ballast: magnetic (inductive) and electronic. While either type can interfere with signals, electronic ballast are usually the ones which cause interference to TV and radio, but they are virtually silent. Magnetic ballasts are usually better with TV and radio, but have an audible hum rated from A (very quiet, expensive) to F (noisy warehouse, cheap). Do you know what type of ballast is in the fixture now?

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