smoke/fire/CO alarms


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smoke/fire/CO alarms

I know that I need a smoke alarm in each bedroom, and I know that they should be linked. Does anyone know what the requirement is for CO alarms?
I have 3 bedrooms upstairs, off of a 12x4 hallway. Do I have to put an alarm over the stairs, and one in the hall? or can one alarm in the stairwell and the ones in the bedroom take care of the requirements?
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CO alarm codes are not in the electrical code. And I believe they vary based on location. Most people comply with the code merely by buying plug-in devices at their local home center. Usually you only need one to serve the entire house. In many areas, you may not need any at all (but they are still a good idea).
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Smoke, fire, and CO detector placement requirements vary greatly from city to city, state to state. In 2007 in Illinois it became a state law that every home and apartment in the state will have a CO detector.
I would suggest talking to your local inspectors and see what they recommend for your area.
When I purchased the required detector for myself, the package recommended 1 on each floor of the home. The ones I have are not tied together and simply plug into any outlet (they were not required when the home was constructed).
As always, I recommend buying a unit that has good diagnostic features so that you will know why it is making the alarm when you think it shouldn't be etc...(usually in the middle of the night!)
I like the ones that display the CO level right on the face of the unit.
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There are some newer models that are battery operated and connect wirelessly to each other. I've also seen ones where you can test them with any remote control, guess they have an IR sensor.
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Local code around here (and what I would do even if it wasn't code) is to place one outside each bedroom area in the hallway.

I also like the idea of one in the basement or wherever the heating unit is. You may not hear it when sleeping, but if you're up and about, I think it's a good backup plan.
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If you place one in the basement, be sure not to put it too close to the furnace or water heater. Otherwise it'll be going off all the time. Follow the directions.

Personally, I don't think one in the basement is necessarily a good idea. CO disperses thoughout the house pretty fast, much faster than smoke.
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Thumbs up Good idea!

Required or not!

I Googled your state (SLC area), they have a grip on graffiti ( wich is important aswell),But no referance to CO detectors.

1 on each habitated level and 1 outside the mechanical area (heating etc.) not a bad idea. Smoke/CO combos are available too.

Don't panic. Just be informed.

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