Genset to transfer switch connection


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Genset to transfer switch connection

I presently have a manual double-throw, center off transfer switch fed from my service panel to an auxiliary panel that serves my critical loads. My generator has only a 120 volt output although my auxiliary panel is 120/240 volt.

I have installed a jumper between the two "hot" terminals of the transfer switch (on the generator side) and have a cord/plug arrangement to the generator terminating with a L5-30 plug to fit the receptacle on the generator.

I want to install a male inlet connector outside for the generator. Because I may someday move, (or die) I want this generator inlet to be as universal as possible. My plan is to install a L14-30 (120/240 volt, 30 amp) inlet and wire it to the transfer switch. I would then remove the jumper in the transfer switch.

With the generator I would change the existing L5-30 to a L14-30 and wire both of the "hot" terminals together to the "hot" side of the generator output. I would make up a four-conductor cable with L14-30 plug and connector to run between the generator and the house inlet. This would make the inlet suitable for use with a 120/240 volt generator or my existing 120 volt generator.

What do you think?
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Question Common sence, No

Why make it harder than it has to be?

Wire it correctly and use every "other" ckt. Then your done with it.

The more we think the more complex and dangerous it gets. Just do it right and adjust. Very simple.

Just a thought.

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