Need some tips for running cable/wire


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Need some tips for running cable/wire

I have been pretty firmiliar with running wire through walls from the basment or the attic. One process i use to find out where the wall is located is drilling a small hole through the carpeting so i can use that whole as a reference point to drill from underneath through the 2x4 into the wall cavity. My question is, what is the best way to figure out where the wall is located when the floor above is hard wood? what is the best way to go about it? and is there a tool that would be useful for this?


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You idea of drilling a hole at the quarter rounds is OK, just use a small bit if hardwood, it can be easily plugged with colored putty later. Or look for other things going into that wall, heating ducts, other wires, etc. And look at the nailing patterns underneath, that can be a clue. Flooring nails will be different from framing nails.
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You could pull the quater round off. Then replace it after. It will cover the hole. You don't even need to pull it complately off. Just make a space against the wall to fit your drill bit in.
For a drill bit a section of wire coat hange will work. Cut the hanger with side cutters and leave the sharp edge from the cutters. It will act as a drill for you.

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