unusual ceiling box


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unusual ceiling box

I was replacing a flush mount light fixture in entry way, I removed the old fixture assuming I would see the same ceiling boxes that are in the other lights that I have replaced in this house. Instead I was hit by a faceful of blown insulation. There is a metal ring around a 4-5 inch hole in the ceiling, with a metal box attached to it, the 14G romex enters the box and then there is 8 inches of stranded wire in metal flex conduit that ran to the fixture which did not appear to be grounded. Fixture was attached to a 2" metal ceiling box on a bar which was lying across the ring. Never seen a box/ring combo like this, is there a reason for it or can i replace it with a normal plastic box after I patch the oversize hole in my ceiling. Metal box attatched to ring labeled thermally protected.
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After having read your post 6 times, I think you actually pulled down an old work can light, or recessed light. The junction box is attached to the light and it is held to the joisting with cross arms. Any way you could post a picture of what you pulled down and post it on a site such as photobucket.com and let us know the url?
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Sorry, don't know if i described it right, it's not a recessed can, it's mounted on the ceiling, the dome shaped glass type. This fixture was mounted to one of those round metal fan boxes that are on crossbars, the bars were just lying on the metal ring not attatched to studs. Wire in conduit ran a few inches from the fan box to the metal box attatched to side of ring. I'll try to post some pics.
was attached to this
which was lying across this

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Looks like it was a recessed can light at one time, then someone put that dome light in.
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That is a 6" recessed can light that it is wired out of. I would just push it up as far as possible, patch the hole and use a ceiling fan box with a bar to support it the attach your fixture. You should be able to pull the make-up out of the old can light and maybe there is enough slack to pull over to your new light box, if not, you will have to set a j-box somewhere to add a length of wire to it, you CANNOT bury a slice in a ceiling or wall that cannot be accessed and it has to be in a box.
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Why would you replace that beautiful light?

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