Ligtning Storm- Power Out- Fuses Blown on Electronics


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Question Ligtning Storm- Power Out- Fuses Blown on Electronics

******Please HElp**************

We had a bad storm that consisted of terrible lightning. Lightning struck in our backyard and the power went out inside......We went out and flipped the breaker after the storm was over and noticed that everything came back on except anything that had a fuse on it....The major problem was the furnace....It would not work. The Central AC would come on but not the furnace. The next thing we noticed that would not come on was the security camera system......Then the kids noticed that the computer speakers/subwoofer would not work. All of the things that had fuses would nott come on again. We had the fuses replaced on the control module part of the circuit board in the furnace. As soon the power button was pushed, the fuse would blow....Nex we did the same thing and the subwoofer and the security system. Everytime we put in a fuse and turn the power on , the fuses blow. Please lead me in the right direction. We are only having problems with things that have fuses in them. Oh , we had the breaker box checked to make sure it was okay but that is as far as we went until we gatehered enough info to see what the real problem is.


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Sounds like the lightning took out a bunch of your electronics. Since changing the fuses did not get them going they must have internal damage to the electronic boards etc. You will need to have them serviced or replace them. You might be able to file an insurance claim if you think it is worth it.
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I second that.

Unfortunately, fuses will not protect electronics against these type of surges. Your electronics was exposed to much higher voltages than usual, and you likely suffered some widespread damage. I hate to be the messenger of bad news here....
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I agree, file an insurance claim .
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Time for the insurance company to step up and pay up. You really should think about having a good surge suppressor (high end power bars or a whole house surge supressor) installed in order to help you to protect your valuable electronic investments.

Check this link for information on whole house surge suppressors. Please do not interpert this as advertising but after being a victim of an electrical surge I now have the CHSP Ultra installed on my electrical service equipment and I still use surge suppressing power strips at all of my electronic equipment.
It may sound like overkill but when you go through the aggravation and cost of replacing your electronics and a few appliances (saved the refridgerator but lost the microwave) the extra cost seems worth it.
Be sure to have the whole house suppressor installed by a qualified electrician as it does install directly on to your main breaker panel.
Best of luck

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