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Smile ground rod relocation/

hello, i have a house built in the late 70's and they put the ground rod into the floor right below the main panel against a wall in the basement. what i want to do is relocate this ground rod to the outside. can i just drive in 2 ground rods and then go through the wall and attatch the ground cables to them?. i want to build a closet in this area and the rod on the floor is in a bad spot. thanks Randy
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You can drive your rod outside six feet apart then run one continous wire, unspliced from rod 2 to rod 1 to inside the panel where the gropund rod that you are going to remove is connected. You need number 6 wire. If you use any metal pipe to sleeve the ground wire other condtions come into play, so if you just sleave the wire use plastic conduit.

there is no requrement for conduit at all.

when you drive your rods outside, keep in mind that the footer will extend out from the house a foot or two.
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thanks for the reply :-)
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There are a lot of other rules about the type of grounding rods to use, how they must be driven, and how the connections must be made. Be sure you are clear on these rules before proceeding, or get some knowledgeable help.

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