Change a light switch to a receptacle


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Smile Change a light switch to a receptacle

Hi. I have a double switch outlet box that has one side as a receptacle and the other contols a receptacle on the other side of the room. This is an older house. I do not use the light switch at all and I'm wondering if it's possible to change the switch to a receptacle while keeping the receptacle that the light switch controls "on" at all times.

I hope this makes sense.....

Thanks for any help.

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Of course this is possible. However, doing so will likely cause a code violation.

You MAY have the option to make the receptacle half switched, or to change what receptacle in the room is switched.
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The code to which Bob refers is the code that requires a switched receptacle or light in every room controlled by a switch near the main entrance to the room. The idea is to prevent the hazard caused by somebody entering a dark room. Even if this hazard does not apply to you (for some other reason), code requires you to leave it this way to protect any future resident too.

To advise you further, we need more information. If you wish to proceed, shut off the breaker, gently pull the switch out of the box without disconnecting any wires, and tell us everything you see.

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