Has anyone used SunTouch floor warming mats?


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Has anyone used SunTouch floor warming mats?

I just purchased a house, and on the wall of one of the bathrooms is a digital thermostat looking device that reads "SunTouch" on the bottom.

The problem is, I can't figure out how to get the thing to turn on! There is no read out on the thermostat. Any idea whats wrong or how to get it operating?
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Congrats on your new home. Not the pro here, but you might be able to get a clearer answer and better info from the previous owners (if you haven't tried already). Did they perhaps leave you some paper work on it or warranty papers on it? Do you know what model it is?

Here's some info I found that might help you out:


^^^^Is that what you have? There's warranty information on there and thermostat instructions for 3 models I see on there. Just something for the time being 'til someone more qualified than me chimes in.
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The first thing you should do is check to make sure the cct breaker is turned on.

According to their instruction manual there are several ways these heaters can be hooked up so it is hard to say exactly where to look first.
Some use a GFCI cct breaker so you could look for one that may have been tripped.

If you can not see any obvious problem the heater and circuit will have to be checked with a meter.
If you know how to use a meter and wish to check out the circuit post back.

I will move this post to the electrical forum where our electrical pros reside.
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Often times digital thermostats are powered by a battery. Is there any way to pop the thermostat off the wall? Look for a little notch where a small screwdriver can be inserted.

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