Save to Cover Unused Work Box?


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Save to Cover Unused Work Box?


We have a 70+ year-old home. I'm rewiring a bathroom: changing from 2 sconces to 1 over-mirror bar light and adding a GFCI outlet. I'm replacing all existing wiring back to the main. I've successfully pulled out the power feed into one of the boxes for a sconce. What remains is the traveler to the second sconce; this is the only original wiring that remains. At this point no hot wires are in either box. Can these be safely covered with drywall or plaster and still adhere to code? If so, what's the best method for burying these?

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If there are any wires in the box, hot or not, you will have to leave the box exposed and use an approved cover plate. There is a potential for someone energizing that wire at a later date, and pose a fire hazard, so I would endeavor to remove the wire from the box completely or make the other end totally inaccessible, so you can just form a patch and cover the hole up with a repair.
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If you have two junction boxes that are completely dead, and none of the wires go to any other in-use junction boxes (whether connected or not), they you can cover over the boxes.

I would strongly suggest that you remove the boxes if at all possible and that you cut off as much of the then exposed wire as possible. This helps to eliminate any confusion if/when the wires are found later during the next remodeling phase.

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