looking for a current tap adapter


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looking for a current tap adapter

----OK, I give up!! I've spent the last hour and a half looking for socket adapters. I have porcelain screw in lighting in my attic, but no outlets. I want to add a couple of outlets (one at each end of the attic). However, I don't want to have to run wire, etc.
----I have been looking for screw in adapters that convert a single incandescent bulb socket into an outlet and socket combo. The Y shaped one adds only one outlet. The T shaped one adds 2 plugs. Both permit the ability to use a bulb. These used to be cheep, and easy to find. Well, they sure are NOT easy to find NOW.
----I've also looked for these under the description of current tap, socket switch, and 110 lamp adapters. All with NO luck!!!! Originally I wanted the ones that have a switch or pull chain that turns off the bulb without turning off the outlets. Now I'd be THRILLED to find the ones that add an outlet, while allowing the use of my light bulb at the same time!!!
----Does anyone know a brand name for these? Where can they be purchased? Surely these are still available. This frustrates the heck out of me! Thanks for reading this, & if you know where I can buy these...THANKS A BILLION, Anna
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But be careful. These things are dangerous for running anything larger than a radio or something with equivalent draw. Don't use them to run such things as power tools or long strings of Christmas lights or heaters or hair dryers or televisions.
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Every single Ace Hardware store in the US stocks the items you are looking for.They are part of the planograms for every version of the electrical section of all Ace stores.Ask the sales help to assist you.
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Socket adaptor

How does your attic light turn on and off? Does it use a pull chain or is it connected to a switch? If it uses a pull chain, your adaptor will need a pull chain also.

Be careful not to overload. These things are not designed for heavy loads.
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Thanks, & folow-up info

THANK YOU ALL!!!!! Ace here I come!!!!

As for your questions:
--My attic lights turn on via a switch in my hall.
--The outlets are only for convenience. I won't be running anything except possibly a vacuum (every ??? years) or a radio, a drill...temporary stuff.

By the way, was I calling these by their correct name???

AGAIN, Thank you once again you wonderful DIY moderators & site users!!! Anna
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Radio, okay. Small drill, probably okay for light use. Vacuum cleaner ... no. If you need to run a vacuum cleaner, you'd be better off running a heavy duty extension cord from somewhere else.
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A vacuum is one the heaviest current use maachines made. It uses as much power as a power saw or a hair dryer.
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You can also get a light fixture (keyless or with switch) with a built in receptacle. A bit more complicated to change the fixture but cost is about the same and they will probably handle more of a load.
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As John stated, do not use one of these for a vacuum cleaner. That is asking for trouble.

The proper solution is for you to add a receptacle. You may be able to feed it from one of these lights, or possibly from the switch.
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Smile vacuum is a juice hog....WOW.......had no clue

Thanks for the info!! I really DID NOT know that a vacuum was such a heavy-duty juice hog. It doesn't produce heat, so I had no clue!

As it turns out, I won't need to run a vacuum on one of these! This afternoon I dashed off to the store and bought 2 current taps. When installing one at the back of my attic, my eyes caught site of an outlet plate. I'd NEVER seen it before, and had to walk over & check it out. I have a hard-wired double outlet within 3 feet of the fixture I'd planned to install my adapter in! Again, it was in an odd, very hard to see (but actually quite easy to reach) location. How's that for FABULOUS?

Anyway, THANKS AGAIN for the in-put. I just posted a phone-wiring question on the phone forum. If you check-it out, & have info...please share!! Thanks, Anna
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I just want to give you and other a frenidly reminder here with the screw in adpator most adpator are useally rated for 660 watts or less [ the main reason why they derated pretty good because of the switching concat mechsim ]

Merci , Marc

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