Outlet/switch wiring question


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Outlet/switch wiring question

We opened up an combo outlet/switch so that we could change it to a gcfi (it's right by the kitchen sink). It has the outlet on one side and a light switch on the other side. The problem is that this box has 5 romex wires coming in to it. This wiring was updated back in '82 by the PO. Did the electrician use this as a junction box? We cannot figure out what all these wires are for. There is not enough room to put in the GFCI, what should we do?
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Not only is there not enough room for the GFCI, there may not be enough room for the existing wires.

Do you mean a single gang box with a duplex device that has a single receptacle and a switch, or do you mean a double gang box that has two devices installed, a switch and a duplex receptacle?
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It is a double gang box with the two devices, a duplex receptacle on one side and a light swich on the other. And yeah, what they have in there barely fits, we had a hard time putting it all back. (once we saw the mess, we just pushed everything back in and put the old plate back on, we now do not use this outlet or light!)
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I would use the receptacle if needed but that is choice for you. However there is no reason not to use the light.
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Consider putting the GFCI in an upstream box instead. Then you can still have the GFCI protection without overcrowding this box.

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