Photoelectric light switch?


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Photoelectric light switch?

Does anyone make a switch with a photoelectric sensor? I want the light to always be on when dark, or when forced by using the switch. It'd be nice to turn the light off sometimes as well.
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There are photcell fixtures and there are seperate photocells that can added to a light fixture. Either would do what you want.
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The only problem in having the cell and the switch in the same location is the degree of "darkness" associated with the fixture you want to control. Like Bill says, control the light with a switch, and install a cell at the fixture. That way, with the switch on, the cell will operate the light at dark, and with it off, it won't work at all.
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To get exactly what you said you wanted (which is not what most people would want), you want the switch and photocell to be in parallel, not series. So just buy one of each and put them in parallel. Having them separate units will work much better, because you can put the switch in the best location for the switch, and the photocell in the best location for the photocell.
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This is exactly what I want to do:

A switch with on/auto/off.

When "on" the light will be on.
When "auto" the light will be controlled by the photocell
When "off" the light will be off.

The closest thing I can find to this is the motion sensor switches which also include a photocell. The problem of course would be I would need to disable the motion sensor. I looked at one of these in the store, and they have two pots. One for the photocell and one for the timing after motion. I don't know if turning the timing pot completely to one way would effectively leave it in a forced active motion mode or not.

Any suggestions?
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Some motion floods do have a dusk to dawn mode. The modes are changed by flipping the switch on and off rapidly a certain number of times.

Off is always off. on can be forced on timer, on motion flood, or dusk to dawn. Just read the directions on the motion sensor.

Another option would be a regular photocell and a spdt center off switch.

One little neuance will be if the line side of the photo cell is switched. whenever the switch is first turned on the light will come on for a few seconds to a minute or so, even in the day time.

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